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Chinese Horoscopes 2013

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ox Love Compatibility 2013

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Perfect Ox Love Match 2013: Rabbit, Rat, Monkey

Ox and Rat: Chinese Ox people will quarrel a lot with Chinese Rats in a love relationship in 2013. Ox Love Match 2013 with a Chinese Rat is not recommended in 2013.

Ox and Ox: Two Ox people coming closer together romantically will be like a love match full of conflicts and disputes. Chinese Ox Compatibility 2013 predicts lack of love between these people in 2013.

Ox and Tiger: Chinese Tigers and Ox people will plan to expand their family in Chinese New Year 2013. Chinese Ox Compatibility 2013 predicts a fun filled love life between these people and Tigers.

Ox and Rabbit: Chinese Ox and Rabbits will be an average love match in 2013. Both these people will dislike the likings of each other, due to which their love life might get affected.

Ox and Dragon: Chinese Ox and Dragon people will form an average love match in 2013. Both these people will support each other very well in ups and downs in 2013.

Ox and Snake: Chinese Ox and Snakes will form a cute love pair in 2013. Chinese Ox Compatibility 2013 predicts family expansions and social celebrations for these people with a Snake partner.

Ox and Horse: As per Chinese Ox Compatibility 2013, Chinese Horses will be hard to live with in a love relationship. These people together will make others laugh on them due to their incompatibility.

Ox and Goat: Ox Romantic Compatibility 2013 suggests some health problems for their Goat life partners in 2013. Both these people will live an unhappy married life together in 2013.

Ox and Monkey: Chinese Monkeys and Oxen people together in a love match will get irritated from each other’s bad habits that they will find it difficult to survive romantically.

Ox and Rooster: As per Ox Romantic Compatibility 2013, Chinese Ox people will appear boring for the romantic Rooster people in 2013. Both these people will misunderstand each other in 2013.

Ox and Dog: Chinese Dog people will be boring for the Chinese Ox people in a love union in 2013. As per Ox Love Compatibility 2013, these people will find themselves suffocated in the company of a Chinese Dog life partner in 2013.

Ox and Pig: Chinese Pig will not be worth trusting for Chinese Ox people in 2013. Chinese Ox Compatibility 2013 predicts a hard to sustain love match between these people and Chinese Pigs in 2013.

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