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Chinese Horoscopes 2013

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Rooster Love Compatibility 2013

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Perfect Rooster Love Match 2013: Snake, Dragon, Ox

Rooster and Rat: Chinese Rats will enjoy in the intimate company of the Chinese Roosters in Chinese New Year 2013. Both these people will appreciate each other in likings.

Rooster and Ox: As per Rooster Romantic Compatibility 2013, Chinese Ox people will appear boring for the romantic Rooster people in 2013. Both these people will misunderstand each other in 2013.

Rooster and Tiger: Chances of family disputes are high for a love pair between a Chinese Tiger and Rooster in 2013. Chinese Rooster Compatibility 2013 predicts an average love match with Tigers in 2013.

Rooster and Rabbit: As per Rooster Chinese Love Compatibility 2013, Chinese Roosters will misunderstand their Rabbit partners to a great extent that a love match will hardly survive for long in 2013.

Rooster and Dragon: According to Rooster Love Compatibility 2013, these people will gel really well with Chinese Dragon people. Both these people will appreciated socially too due to their fondness for each other.

Rooster and Snake: Chinese Rooster Compatibility 2013 predicts a strong love connection between these people and Chinese Snakes. Both these people will take care of each other’s dignity in the coming year 2013.

Rooster and Horse: Love equation between Chinese Roosters and Horses will not balanced in 2013. Rooster Love Match 2013 with a Horse person is not going to be great in 2013 due to many factors.

Rooster and Goat: Chinese Rams and Roosters will form an appealing love pair in 2013 that will be appreciated by the society. Both these people will enjoy some romantic vacations in 2013.

Rooster and Monkey: Chinese Love Compatibility 2013 predicts an average love pairing with a Chinese Rooster in 2013. There will be fights yet romance in this love couple in 2013.

Rooster and Rooster: Two Roosters in a romantic pairing in 2013 will be bombastic. Both these people will be too clever for each other that ultimately their love life will get suffered.

Rooster and Dog: Family expansion is high on cards for a love match between Chinese Dog and Rooster people in 2013. Rooster Love Compatibility 2013 predicts strong affection and trust between these people in 2013.

Rooster and Pig: There will be an accurate balance and harmony in a love match between a Chinese Pig and Rooster person in 2013. Rooster Love Horoscopes 2013 predicts a strong love match with Chinese Pigs in 2013.


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